Khal Drongo (feat. Kelly C)

from by Sonic Art Crew

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We wondered what it would be like if Game of Thrones were set in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren. Now we're wondering if anyone will even understand this.


The names Khal Drongo I perfected the slow flow.
Got a huge fuckin mullet and an XR8 on low-lows.
Grabbed mah bitch off Gumtree, hell of a hoe, yo!
Stubby in my hand while she gives me a slow blow.

Hand it to Jah-mae, your sister needs a spank.
Dress by her ankles, smokin' all that dank.
Fuckin and suckin' her way to the Iron Bank.
Yo! it's just a prank, to be frank, she's quite a skrank!

Khal Drongo why'd you got to be so mean to me?
It's hard to be a member of your family.
Now see I'm the motherfuckin' mum of dragons.
Got a sick dole payment and my tits aren't saggin'!

Hey, come on now yer the moon of me life.
Got a tat of yer name to prove that yer me wife.
Next to the Southern Cross, by the Ned Kelly.
We'll cross the Narrow Sea straight into Bali.

Tyrone with his sick as Subaru.
Imp my ride, skids, and drags with his yobbo crew.
Aint got no time for kings or rings or shiny things.
Just drinks to drank and pills to fucking ping.

Hey, Khal it's Shaddi, got some "little fingers" in.
These bickies are hektosh, they'll make you fuckin grin.
From ear to ear as you shuffle at Revolver.
Habibis wanna hold ya, just like I fahhhrkhghrgirenn told ya.

Awww piss off shaddi ya stupid fuckin wog.
You're a dog cunt. He's me sun and stars.
He doesn't need your pills, your "Habibis" are molls.
Suck on a fuckin' kebab, I'll twist off ya balls.

Oi Kelly C, don't step to Shaddi.
We went to high school straight outta Broady.
He got an ENTER score of 43.
Made a mint, but he's skint cause he smashed into a tree.

Long live Khal Drongo!
You fuckin' mong ho!
Smashing some cones like his dear Kelly C.
Watch him punch through a slab of Bundies every Friday night.
You'll come a'waltzin' Dothraki with me.

Long live Khal Drongo!
You fuckin' mong ho!
Smashing some cones like his dear Kelly C.
Watch him punch through a slab of Bundies every Sat'dy night.
You'll come a'waltzin' Dothraki with me.


from Sonic Art 4, released July 3, 2016
Co-written, recorded and produced by Derris-Kharlan, tiasu & WetForJesus.
Mastered by tiasu.


all rights reserved



Derris-Kharlan Melbourne, Australia

Nathan Antony, a.k.a “Derris-Kharlan” (, is a musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Over the years he has written a ton of music; for video games, short films and ensembles of various sizes. He is particularly well-known in the chip music scene and is participating in the Weekly Beats ( challenge in 2012. ... more


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